Best sites for live betting

Live in-play betting has become exceptionally popular in recent years, thanks to the multitude of connections people carry with themselves everywhere - smart phones and tablets, to be precise. Nowadays it's common for punters to be at the   stadium, watching the game, and at the same time betting live at their favourite bookmaker. It is perfect for the punter who wishes to take advantage of the great betting odds and the opportunities live in-play wagering offers. Naturally, not all bookmakers will offer the same quality of service, when it comes to their live betting platforms. Some websites are generally recognized as the leaders for in-play bets and here we will take a look at which are the most recommended, based on both our view and the punters opinion as gathered from the multiple sports forums and blogs we follow.

Best Live Betting Sites

1. Bet365 - No surprise to find this popular UK bookie at the top spot on our list. Bet365 has never cut corners when it comes to customer experience and they have continued this laudable tradition here, as well, with their in-play betting platform. There are incentives to use their live betting offering, including plenty of bonus promotions and special odds on certain popular games. The software works without flaws and their mobile app makes it very easy to bet in-play at virtually any spot in the world with internet connection. The odds are very good and punters can often find value, if they act fast, thanks to the very competitive market live betting has become. Overall Bet365 is among the very best online bookmakers, so even if you are not interested in live betting, this is still a top class bookmaker.

2. Coral - another UK-based online bookmaker, Coral's internet arm has really improved in quality and customer service over the years and we can gladly recommend it to anyone looking for a top live betting site. Punters from the UK are already familiar with this High Street bookie, but this betting website welcomes bettors from many countries around the world, residents of which should harbour no hesitation to gambling at this top quality bookmaker. The live betting platform is in direct competition with Bet365, which is only beneficial for the customer - great offers, both for in-play betting and pre-game wagers, are constantly being offered by Coral, just make sure you check their promotion section often for the very latest. Software is lightning fast and very easy to use, the odds are competitive with the rest of the best betting sites, we like this bookie a lot for live in-play betting, especially on football games.

3. Unibet - a bit of a surprise for some, but the Scandinavian online bookmaker has been working really hard for the past couple of years to bring out an amazing live-betting platform for their customers. UK punters are entitled to a very generous sign-up offer and rewards are awaiting existing customers, when they decide to bet on sporting events live. This good betting sites consistently ranks among the top, when it comes to UK player satisfaction, and we believe there is a bright future for Unibet in this industry. As an added benefit, Unibet also offers live in-play betting on their website for many obscure European leagues, something the "big boys" often choose to forgo, due to the higher suspicion of match-fixing.

Why bet live and in-play?

While many have an easy answer to this question, such as the option to place more bets or the opportunity to recover losses from pre-game fixed odds wagers, there are many other reasons why one should choose to bet live on sports, instead of the usual pre-game wagers. For one, the odds are generally always better. With pre-game bets, the betting sites have plenty of time to preview the odds, the oddsmakers have ample time to carefully consider their offerings. It is not so with live betting, when the bookies have to take action in literally seconds and could often post odds which are titled a lot in favour of the punter. Another reason is that it takes time for the bookmakers to react to changes, for example a red card on the pitch, and the smart (and fast) punter could take advantage before the odds update and place in-play bet with payout much greater than others would enjoy just seconds later. That's why if you are a punter serious about your bankroll, make sure you take advantage of the opportunities live in-play betting sites offer and seize the small gems that pop-up quite often during games.



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