High Limits Betting Sites: Bookmakers with high limit bets

It's a fact that the majority of the sports betting sites are recreational ones and are not very found of high limit punters. Even the top ranked bookmakers on our website are mainly recreational bookies that are more than happy to work with the average punter and will indeed offer great service and top odds, but are not equipped or have the desire to cater to the high roller, i.e the punter that seeks high limit bets. Such betting sites will be quick to limit the high-roller customers.

But there are still a few good betting sites that won't limit the punter, no matter how much they bet or how much they win. While not the top choice for many bettors, since they don't offer things like free bets and bonuses, they are great for people who like to bet large amounts and don't want to get limited to pennies when they start winning those big bets.

High Limit Betting Sites

Pinnacle Sports - (No UK players allowed to join anymore) the leader among the high limit betting sites, Pinnacle has been working with the big punters for well over a decade. It has both the reputation and the bankroll to stand behind VERY large bets, £25 - £50,000 depending on the betting market. It's impossible to find high limit bets like those anywhere else, online or offline, except at the exchanges (see Betfair below). This famous online bookmaker has built its name on not limiting winning punters, even one of their slogans is that they will never limit a winning customer. Not only this, but they often offer the best odds around, many other betting sites shop the Pinnacle odds first, before publishing theirs. Add the fact that the Pinnacle sports betting site openly accepts arbitrage bettors and you have The Pinnacle of online sports betting for the high limit punter.

Betfair - although not a traditional bookie, the Betfair exchange doesn't really have any bet limits nor would you ever see your betting limits lowered to some ridiculous amounts, like some other bookies do. Since it's a betting exchange, you can bet as much as you can afford, the only problem being that you actually have to find the market to match your bet. After all, what good does it do you if you want to place a £1.000.000 bet if all you have on the other side of the wager is some guy willing to bet just £5? The good news is that because Betfair is so popular, it's usually no problem to find plenty of backers for the more popular sporting events. But with the ever increasing fees the exchanges are now charging the really sharp high limit punters, traditional bookmakers are often just as good of a choice.

Bookmaker - while this is mostly an US-facing betting site, it is considered the best there is among the American bettors. When Pinnacle left the US sports betting market a few years ago, the high limit bettors from the USA all moved to Bookmaker and the website has been flourishing ever since. This betting website does offer quite high limits on their bets - in the range of $5-$10,000 per bet, depending on the sport. It also doesn't cut the player's limits on their bets if they win big. The European leagues football odds here are actually surprisingly good, considering that "soccer" is not among the popular betting sports in the country and it has amazing odds on the US sports, like NFL, NBA, NHL and the rest of the leagues overseas. The UK punter can bet here without worries, it is a good and reputable betting site, but the only issue is that since it caters to American bettors, the ewallets we are so used to are not an option for withdrawal and the only viable one for UK residents is the bank wire. Keep in mind that their bank wire withdrawal has a minimum amount of $10,000 so we really recommend this betting site only to the people truly searching for high limit bookies.


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