Asian Handicap Betting Sites

Asian Handicap has quickly became one of the most popular betting markets when it comes to football. No surprise, really, as the Asian Handicap type of bet greatly improves the odds for the punter to come out a winner when betting on the football matches. On the flip side, however, is the increased risk for the betting sites themselves, most of them frowning upon Asian Handicap punters and even taking actions, such as reducing limits on Asian Handicap bets, in order to discourage their customers from betting this market. If you are a smart punter, chances are you engage in Asian Handicap wagering quite often and would like to find the best Asian Handicap betting sites, i.e. bookmakers with the best attitude towards this type of bet. After careful reviews of the rules, as well as feedback from punters, we have found the following betting sites to be the best choice for Asian Handicap in the UK.

Best Asian Handicap Betting Sites

#1 Coral - we really like this bookie overall, and luckily the Asian Handicap attitude here is much beneficial to the UK punter. Betting at a local shop is a benefit, but you can also cash out your online winnings at any High Street shop Coral runs, a big plus for many local punters. Asian Handicap limits are on par with the regular straight bet ones and the bookie has proven that Asian Handicap punters are more than welcome here. You will not get limited for betting these markets on any of the Premier League games or the major European football competition, although due to the ever-increasing fraud and match-fixing coming from Asia, games from those leagues are carefully monitored for suspicious betting patterns. Therefore, if you place a lot of Asian Handicap bets, just stick to the EPL, Serie A, La Liga, etc., and you won't have a problem. Don't forget that this betting site is running a bet £5 and get £20 free bet, as well.

#2 Betfair - of course, Betfair has no limits on the Asian Handicap bets placed at the betting exchange and those at their sportsbook side are on par with the rest of the betting markets. We advise you to stick to the exchange in general, not only for Asian Handicap wagering, since not only they don't have betting limits, but the odds are the best you can get.

#3 Betsson - the European bookmaker appears to be a well-kept secret, considering that the Betsson name doesn't come out as often as it really should. The odds are competitive with the best UK bookies, not only on Asian Handicap bets, but in general. The limits are set rather high, for what is essentially a recreational betting site, and depositing and withdrawal is fast and easy at this licensed and regulated bookmaker. We have never read anything bad about Asian handicapping at this betting site, which shows that the bookie doesn't tend to limit big winners using this form of wagers. The bonus they offer to new customers is also very profitable, so keep Betsson among your choices, if you plan on betting Asian Handicap.

What is Asian Handicap and how Asian Handicap Works

If you are new to this form of betting, you may be wondering what is Asian Handicap. Here we will briefly explain how Asian Handicap works.

Asian Handicap is a very simple form of football betting option (market) in which the usual "draw" outcome is essentially eliminated. The bookmakers give the stronger of the two teams a handicap of certain number of goals and the final score is then reevaluated, taking the handicap into consideration, to determine if your Asian Handicap bet is a winner or not. For example, you may see a proposition such as Manchester United -1.5 Everton +1.5 before a weekend game. This means that in the Man Utd - Everton game, after the final score the bookie will add 1.5 goals to the Everton's tally. So if we say that the game finishes 2-0, those placing Asian handicap bet on United will still win, since 2-1.5= 0.5, which is greater than Everton's score of 0 goals. As you can clearly see, there is no option for a draw, which improves the punter's chances of winning, by having to contend with just 2 outcome options, rather than 3. Why is it called Asian Handicap? This betting market was first introduced by the Asian bookmakers, before making it's way tot he European betting sites, hence the name.



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