How to bet online at the betting sites

Betting online at the popular bookmakers is very simple and easy process. Here we will give the new punter the basic steps needed to start betting online. While not everything we refer to would be exactly the same at all good betting sites, the basic outline and process should be fairly universal, regardless of the actual bookmaker you choose to patronize.

How to bet online

Step 1 - Find the right betting site

A crucial step in the start of your journey to bet online at the betting sites is finding a good bookmaker. Many people simply go for the bookie that spends the most ad money (i.e. the one sounding most familiar) or just do a search on the internet and join the first betting site that pops up. Big mistake! It is no secret that even some of the most famous bookmakers are better avoided. You can skip all the hassle of the time-consuming research needed to make an informed decision about which betting site is good and which bad. Just visit our home page and pick any of the top bookmakers listed there and you'd be set. Our decision is not without bias, but visit our About Us page to learn how me make money. Unlike other portals, we don't get paid a fee for every customer we bring.

Step 2 - Register an account

Once you have chosen the betting site, it's time to open an account. Most of the online bookmakers will give you the option right away, so you don't have to browse the website, looking for a registration form. The sign-up form itself is very simple- just fill in your name, address and email, and with the click of the button - your account is opened. While some people may be tempted to provide false information, for example, a fake email because they are afraid of spam, don't do it. If you've chosen one of the good betting sites, there is nothing you should be worrying about. Your information is safe and secure, no one will spam your email, send you mailers, etc. Keep in mind that when you win and request a withdrawal of those winnings for the first time - your account information must be verified. Therefore being honest is the best policy.

Step 3 - Fund your account

After you have opened your account at the betting site, it's time to deposit money so you can start betting on sports. Depending on the betting site, you will have an array of options. But the most common at every online bookmaker include credit cards, debit cards, ewallets such as Neteller and Skrill, Ukash vouchers and bank transfers. Which method you should choose depends on your circumstances. For exmaple, if you don't have a bank account or don't want to give its information over the internet, you can simply buy an Ukash voucher at the nearest newsagent shop. If speed and convenience is of the essence, credit cards are hard to beat.

Step 4 - Get your free bet

Nearly all sports betting sites offer an incentive to new customers in the form of free bets. Whether this will be an actual free bet or a cashback on your first bet or just bonus money you can use to bet on sports, it all depends on the bookmaker. Either way, make sure you familiarize yourself with the bonus offers and claim them, if their terms and conditions sound good to you.

Step 5 - Start betting

After you have deposited money into your betting account and claimed all the bonuses and free bets, it's time for the meat and potatoes - the actual betting. Simply visit the section of the betting site for your favourite sport and select your bet. It's simple as that.



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