Cash Out Betting Sites: Top betting sites offering "Cash Out" bets

The Cash-Out betting option is becoming very popular with the online punter, but it's hard finding good betting sites that offer the cash-out. You can learn more about the cash-out and how it works a bit further down. If you are looking for betting sites that have a cash-out option on some of their bets, here is the list of those top bookmakers:

BetFair - the betting exchange is the one website that popularized the "Cash Out" option we are now so familiar with. It is the most recommended betting site for cash-out bets, since it offers this option on the most markets. The pioneer of the cash-out, Betfair is also one of the best betting sites in the world, offering both an exchange and a sportsbook to choose from.

Unibet - the popular Scandinavian bookmaker also offers the cash-out option on many of their single bets, although at this betting site it is called "Cash-In", instead of Cash-Out, but it works on the exact same principle.

Paddy Power - the Irish bookie does post some cash-out options on occasion, but not as many as the other two betting sites above. If you already have an account with this betting site you should certainly keep your eye open for cash-out betting options, but if you are looking specifically to open an account with a betting site that has the cash out feature, the other two sites are the better choice, since the markets are not as limited.

What is Cash Out?

The cash-out option some betting sites offer will give the punters a chance to settle their bets (or "cash out") before the actual sporting even is completed. Of course, they can do this with a lower payout than the original bet, but in many situations it may be worth it.

How Cash Out Works?

Let's look at an example of a Cash Out bet to illustrate the workings of this system. Let's say that Barcelona is playing Real Madrid and you bet on the game to finish in a draw with odds 3/1. After 70 minutes the teams appear to be equally matched and the result is 1-1. You can either wait out the final whistle and collect on 3/1 odds or maybe you get a bit spooked by Ramos and his famous last minute headers and you  choose to cash-out your bet at odds 2/1. If one of the teams end up scoring, your cash-out was a good idea and you actually made some money from what would be a losing bet.

The cash-out option is available only on outright and win-draw-win betting markets and apply only on single bets. The cash-out option will be available on both pre-match bets and live betting, although the exact details will be in the discretion of the betting site. Keep in mind that not all single bets will have the cash-out option; the betting site will note if a bet has the cash-out option or not.

How to Cash Out a Bet?n

It's simple - if the bet has the cash-out optio, it will be noted on your betting slip. Then you can just click on the cash out icon at the betting site and take your winnings at the lower odds offered for settling your bet early.

When to 'Cash Out' my Bet?

When you should use the cash-out option is entirely up to you, granted the betting site has the option. Some bookmakers will stop offering cash out when a certain amount of time is left in the game, so you should check with your betting website for more info. Generally speaking, most punters take the cash out option when something happens that they believe could influence the outcome of the game, such as certain substitutions, injuries, etc.



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