About Us

Our Mission

We established this website several years ago to serve as a guideline and help punters in the UK and other parts of the world select a good betting site. Prior to starting this website, we were just a regular punters, but after a few bad experiences with some betting sites we won't mention, we decided that enough is enough, got together and built this website in order to recommend only the best and proven bookmakers online. If you follow our recommendations, you will avoid the troubles we had to go through - cancelled bets, limits after winning and there was even a closure of one account after winning a particularly large bet.

Our Process

We began with a large selection of sports betting websites and instantly discounted the ones with which we had had bad experiences. The three of us are also members of popular punter forums and that helped us further thin the list by removing the bookmakers getting a lot of complaints from other punters on the forums. Whatever was left, we did a comparison of features, free bet offers, odds and customer service. Then we only picked the betting sites that were at the top of the list, discarding the rest. What is on our site is pure Good Betting Sites.

How We Get Paid

Concerns of bias are always raised with the "review" websites, especially in the sports betting industry, and punters have every right to question such websites. Most of them are paid by the number of new customers they send to the bookmakers, so you can see how judgement can be skewed one way or another. That's why we prefer to disclose how we get paid. Unlike those other websites, we get paid not on how many new bettors we bring, but on a percentage of the turnover those bettors generate. So the more you play and win - the better our remuneration becomes. That's why we want to send people only to the very best betting sites, where the punter would get great service, would love to play and hopefully win a lot. And this is why we try our best to create and deliver betting tips that would actually help you win at the bookies.



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